Our Products

The products you see below are all part of our tech ecosystem. Games, tokenomics, staking, NFTs and even more! We licence our tech to other projects for partnership opportunities.


Our BEP-20 token on BSC is packed with custom tokenomic features and can be utilized to mint our NFTs and staking products.

2.5k Holders
80k Transactions
6 Months since launch
35BNB Locked in liquidity pool
23% Supply burnt (and counting)
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Find new BSC projects and vote - top voted monthly project is automatically featured across several GemCave products and votes are reset for another month of voting.

23k Votes in total
35 Projects listed
$20m Largest MC increase of a listed project
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Our custom staking contract has been written just for GEMS and will allow holders to lock their GEMS for a set period of time in return for extra GEMS, NFTs or burns!

5 trillion Total GEMS staked
3 trillion Total GEMS paid out as rewards
80 billion GEMS burned via the new 50% APY staking option
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The more GEMS you hold, the more often you can play our custom arcade games. Win and collect credits that you can cash out for amazing prizes that can be viewed and managed in the GemCave Gaming Dashboard.

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GemCave DIG is a collectible rare gem themed NFT collection that was the first to use the new on-chain GemCave NFT technology. You could mint these by burning GEMS or using special NFT tokens won in our games.

100% of NFT data stored on BSC
5000 NFTs minted total
0 NFTs remaining
166 Holders
5k NFT Transactions
5 trillion GEMS burnt during minting
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Avatar NFT

With only 500 available, these unique gem themed charachter NFTs are verified unique using the custom GemCave NFT contract that stored all data on-chain forever. Mint yours today using GEMS!

100% of NFT data stored on BSC
500 Available to mint total
170~ Minted so far
7.5 billion Current minting price in GEMS
30 Holders
1 trillion GEMS burnt so far
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The unique GemCave implementation of PancakeSwap to allow our holders to trade BNB for GEMS and other featured BSC projects that we select. Our final v1 release will allow you to trade GEMS for BNB and pay 0% swap fees!

220 Swaps done
1 Number of featured BSC projects
v0.5 Current version of Swap
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We have collected some commonly asked questions about our products and services here. If you have a question that isn't answered here, contact us or ask in our Telegram group.


How can I buy GemCave Token?
It's easy! We recommend using the MetaMask app or borwser extension, from that you can purchase BNB (BNB is a layer 1 cryptocurrency like Bitcoin) and once you have BNB you can buy GEMS by connecting your wallet to an exchange or GemCave Swap to buy GEMS with your BNB.
What utility does GemCave Token have?
Our ecosystem of ever growing products is our utility. The GemCave Token can be used to mint our NFTs and owning GEMS allows you exclusive access to our library of games. All future products will implement GEMS in their functionality or utility, spreading the utility of GemCave Token even more!
What are the future plans for GemCave Token and the roadmap?
The continued development of all our products and services is our core growth roadmap. We aim to be the #1 source of innovative crypto technology for more and more leading BSC projects, on top of the impressive library of partnerships we already have. For general marketing updates and promotion requests, check out our Telegram @GemCaveOfficial where our friendly community can update you.


What is GemCave Staking?
Our in-house built staking contract runs on BSC and allows GemCave Token holders to lock their GEMS away for a set period of time. Once the timer runs out, they are able to withdraw their GEMS plus a bonus amount of GEMS or some other reward.
What staking options are there to choose from?
Check out the GemCave Staking website for the current selection of staking products. We regularly update the offerings with new rewards and always safe and amazing APRs.
Can I still play the games with GEMS I have staked?
Yes! Any of your staked GEMS are still counted towards your gaming allowance whilst staked, so there is no need to hold GEMS from staking.


What makes GemCave NFTs special?

Did you know that most NFTs minted have already gone offline? Most NFTs require external hosting being maintained and paid for otherwise the NFT data is lost forever. This external NFT data can also be modified or deleted at any time, meaning your NFTs are not as safe as you may think.

GemCave NFTs have solved all these issues with our entirely on-chain NFT system built of 7 custom bespoke coded smart contracts that interact to form an entirely on-chain, immutable and permanent NFT minting, generating and storage solution.

How can I get a GemCave NFT?
Check the website for the NFT collection you want for more instructions.
What can I use my GemCave NFT for?
Each of our NFT collections have utility via use in our games or other products. The GemCave Dig NFT can be used in our 3D Claw Machine game to improve light. The Avatar NFT will have many more utilities in our future products and staking offerings.


What is GemCave gaming?

All our games are created in-house and prizes for the games are rotated periodically. These games currently have over 15 prizes including all top #10 crypto assets and some partnership BSC token prizes. Using prize credits on our dashboard you can track your progression towards your prizes. Hold more GEMS and gain more plays of our games each time.

What games are available?

We currently have 3 arcade style games that GemCave Token holders can play multiple times a day. Details of minimum GEMS required and more can be found on the GemCave Gaming Dashboard.

How can I claim my prizes?
When you win prize credits on the games, they are sent to the prize dashboard to be added up. Once you reach the total credits for each prize, the prize is unlocked and you will recieve it in the next prize distribution.


What is GemCave listing?

The GemCave listing site is the oldest GemCave product, predating the GemCave Token Contract itself! This is where communities apply for listing and vote for their projects! The top projects are rounded up each month and given varying rewards for their activity on the site. This provides our holders with excellent inside tips for new up and coming projects to invest in as well as bringing more eyes to Gemcave Token.

How can I add my BSC project to the GemCave listing?

We are currently updating the GemCave Listing website - ask on Telegram if you have a BSC token project that you want to be featured.

How often are votes reset?
All votes are reset to 0 every month and the project with the most votes is assigned winner for the month.